Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dreaming Big

I stumbled on this image I did from a photo shoot with a good friend of mine from work.
She has grown up so much...she is almost Cam's age in this picture!

It warms my heart to see her in her dance classes now and watch the wonder that she still has with anything related to dancing.

She reminds me that even I can still dream big.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Countdown to Summer

Kenny will be conducting his last official concert of the year with his full choir. I am so proud of him!!!

This is my Prince conducting his choir in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fransisco.

And just for fun...I stumbled on this pic of my little man...he is such a character!!
April 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Resolve and New Books

I am reminded today why I love good books. Reading can transport you to imaginary places of your dreams or to different eras of time that you have always longed to see. Reading educates, inspires, and transforms. I read to my children every day in hopes that they will discover the magic in books like I have.

What reminded me today of my love of good books and reading? Was it the crushed cheerios under Cam's high chair? Was it the screaming "I WANT JUICE!!" from my normally sweet NoraBug? Believe it or not, the answer is no :o) It was the moment of quiet as Nora was half awake and I decided to fore go my daily activities  and just cuddle with her in bed as she woke. It was a whispered, "I love you so much mom" from sleepy crystal blue eyes. It was a warm little body curling into the crescent that my body made behind hers on her bed. I have a good book to thank for the lesson I was reminded of to take the opportunities I have with my kids.

I have started reading the book of one of my inspirations, Stephanie Nielsen of, titled Heaven Is Here. The retelling of her courting her sweet Mr. Nielsen reminds me of my Prince Kenny. And her expressions on Motherhood and Children remind me of how precious every moment is with my babies; life can change in a moment. Stephanie is a gifted writer. Her book will reside on my shelf beside the likes of Emerson, Dickinson, and Bronte because of the ability her book has to educate, inspire, and transform me.

I have a new resolve to remember how short my time is with my babies. As I tell Kenny on those nights where I am curled next to Nora or holding my quickly growing Cam, "They will never be this way again. Today is over."

Thank you NieNie for reminding me of how precious life is and of the loves in my life: Kenny, Nora, Cam, and reading :o)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Motherhood Is...

One of my inspirations, Stephanie Nielsen of, had an essay contest entitled Motherhood Is...Since I am about 90% sure I did not win :o) here is my submission:

Dancing Through Life…Like My Mommy Taught Me

“Dancing on a stage in LA or NY.” That’s what I would have replied just 3 years ago if I had been asked where I saw myself in ten years.
Where am I today? I am cleaning up the cheerios that my little man has thrown from his high chair in an act of letting me know he is done with breakfast. I am gathering the crayons that used to be neatly in their box before my beautiful blonde needed to find the right shade of purple for her zebra drawing. I am fixing lunch for my Prince as he heads out the door to another day of teaching at the local high school.
I used to think being a Mother meant sacrificing all of the dreams you once had for yourself. It has always seemed that I could not have the career I dreamed of and the family I dreamed of at the same time; the two were constantly battling for my attention. Days after making the decision to stay home with my little ones so that they could be taught by their mommy instead of a sitter, I am in fetal position on my bed, sobbing as my babies finally lay down for their naps after a hectic lunch.
“Heavenly Father, please let me dance again,” I plead.
“Look around you,” a reassuring voice in my heart speaks.
I remember my baby girl before she was born, dancing in my round belly to any music that was playing around me. I remember my little man falling asleep in my arms after I begin waltzing with him after a pretty rough night of fevers. I remember the excitement in the eyes of my baby girl as she runs for her tutu to dance with the ballerinas on the television. I remember chasing after my little man as he darts for the dance floor, eager to join the big kids.
“Thank you,” I tearfully reply to a Heavenly Father who knew where I needed to be to have my dreams truly come to life.
I may not be dancing in NY or LA, but I do dance. I dance center stage, each day in my toy-filled living room with my sweet little red head in my arms and my beautiful blue-eyed blonde copying my every move. The bright lights of NY or LA dim in comparison to these precious moments.
Motherhood is the blessing of seeing your dreams come true in a much grander form than you ever could have imagined. So, where do I see myself in 10 years, you ask? Tying my daughters ballet shoes for the up-teenth time as she makes her way to dance practice, her self-done blonde ballet bun neatly pinned as her mommy taught her. Adjusting the tie of my little red head as he heads off to church walking in his Daddy’s footsteps just like his mommy taught him. Remembering to slow down and really enjoy each moment with my “babies” just like my mommy taught me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love Grows

Today I am reminded that:

June 21, 2009
1. Cameron will not always let me kiss his sweet little neck.
2. Today, I am Nora's best friend.
3. I love My Prince more today than I thought I did 3 years ago.