Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guess what? We're alive!

Believe it or not, the Wisers are still alive and well! The blur that has occurred since the last posting:

Promotion for me
Kenny's new job at Red Robin
My birthday
Valentine's Day- and all the barbershop that goes with it
Easter and conference- Kenny sang in Priesthood session
Cruise for graduation and belated honeymoon
Jenni visited with Ky-Ky and Brodman
Pregnant with number 2
Rudd Family Reunion
Kenny started spring semester
Deanna visited with Lexi and Hayley
Josh and Deanna visited with the girls
Fourth of July
Wiser family visits on their way to and from Washington

Sprinkle in Concert Choir concerts
a few pairs of shoes that I drew
you've got yourself a full menu!

So, life truly has been absolutely crazy in the Wiser house for the past 6 months...and seriously lacking in picture posting. No, I will not make up for all 6 months in a mass posting of pictures (o: I will be posting pictures from random events of the past 6 months every few days...so be sure to check back often. Giggle.