Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It has been way too long since I have put up pictures goes a ton of them (o: Enjoy!

Watching Music and the Spoken Word.

This is her friend Trisha that watched her during Choir and work.

This is Jordyn and Brody when I came home to visit.

Mom and Nora at Carolina's.

Nora at Grandma's learning how to roll over without letting go of the blankie(o:

Back at home...rolling machine. She started out on the striped blanket!!

She falls asleep funny in her swing.
Sleeping in her diaper...she rolled to her belly before she fell asleep.
These are the cute friends we found while at the Duck Pond on Campus.
The beginning of the adventure...
the end...she finally woke up to see the ducks.

Swinging at the park.
Sitting in the grass...Nora loves grass (o:

Swinging away.
Playing with Daddy.
Longboarding with Dad.
This is us half way back down Y Mountain. We have decided to get out and take in some of Utah's finest while we are still here. I can't graduate and not have climbed the Y!!
Diaper change at the top of the Y.

Getting some hydration on the way up (o:
Nora playing in her music chair by herself!

This is what happens to important papers when Nora sees them (o: