Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

So, Jamie and I finished finals last week and decided that we needed our own Spring Break since BYU doesn't give us one. We're home right now, babysitting Jamie's little sisters while her mom is at Women's Conference having her own well deserved break.

Babysitting the girls has turned out to be more than we had bargained for, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The littlest sister is only 3 years old, and cute as a button.....until she misses her nap! haha, but even so, things are going great and it feels awesome to be back in AZ. The heat, the sun, the skies. Anything to beat Utah's reluctance to give us a break from it's cold and snowy weather!

Other than babysitting, Jamie's been starting to feel some morning sickness now and then, and wishes she could keep on dancing. She's applying for a job working at the costume shop for a dance studio in Orem so she can still get her dancing fix through the pregnancy.

Between working 2 jobs and taking care of J, I've been singing tenor with a few buddies in our new quartet, Hangtime!!! We're loving it, and working on some really great barbershop and a cappella numbers for a show at the end of May. I think Jamie's getting kinda tired of hearing me practice my really high notes, so I have to wait 'til she's in one of her "barbershop moods".

Anyway, things are going good and we're looking forward to a great summer. Hopefully we'll be able to keep updating this more often come August when we move into our new apartment in Orem. Hooray for internet! (It's hard to be a student without internet access these days.)