Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a Little Summer Break!!

The Christiansen Clan and the Wiser Crew came to visit last week. YEAH!! It was so nice to catch back up with our families. Kenny and I were both like little kids who missed their mommies (o: It was a much needed break for us though. We got to spend the fourth of July with my sisters and my brother and sister-in-law. Their little baby Lexi was so stinking cute!! Her toes were painted and she was in this cute little outfit that Grandma got her for her Daddy's birthday. It was so nice to be around my brother and Deanna again. I have been missing that big brother influence in my life. Kenny and I kidnapped Lexi one morning when she was awake and the whole house was sleeping so we got to really play with her. Kenny is so sweet to watch around her. He says he wants a boy but he would be the perfect daddy for a little girl (o: Jordyn was a breathe of fresh air to our summer "off." She is just so sweet and full of energy. She runs as fast as she talks! Jordy told me that she liked our house because it reminded her of the temple. *tear* She is so amazing. Jani is with us now after a long week in Idaho. She has grown up so much since we were last home. She is really becoming in tune with horses and with animals. She told me that she wants to be a physical therapist for horses or a veternarian that works with them. She has been a welcome spirit into our little home these past few days. She has reminded us how important it is to get out and have fun on the swings in the rain and run around on the grass and just play again. I will add more about our day filled with the Wisers and pictures in a couple of days because we are off to pick up Kirby from SLC. Well, much love from the Wiser Sleep n' Eat (I have decided we are a bed and breakfast now (o: )