Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tag Your It!

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago?
*1. Getting ready to turn 11 and being super jealous of my sis getting to go to young womens. (o:
*2. Playing the piano and going to piano lessons.
*3. I loved riding my bike all over with my sister to Dusty's to get candy, and pretending we were driving to the mall (framed homes) in our cool cars (bikes)... I love you Jen!
*4. Playing Barbies again...wrestling my Barbie Ferrari from Josh.

*5. Doing everything and anything with my sister Jenni!!

5 Things on my to do list for tomorrow...
*1. A dance seminar with an old professor.
*2. Get some of my research done for my huge paper due next week.
*3. Finish unpacking my stuff from my AZ weekend.
*4. Color in my coloring books and relax a bit.

*5. Text my Sweetheart!

5 Snacks that I enjoy...
*2. Carrots...I'm a health kid.
*3. Apple Juice
*4. Apples with cheese
*5. Strawberries, or any fruit really (o:

5 Songs I know the lyrics to...
*1. Everything Michael Buble
*2. Tiny Dancer Elton John
*3. Never Saw Blue Like That Before
*4. Jordyn's "goodnight songs"
*5. Aida/Lion King/Les Mis...lots of musicals actually (o:

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire...
*1. Buy a house for Kenny and I so that we could have a real home.
*2. Help my family get homes or fix the homes they have to what they have always wanted(Home is big deal for me, isn't it?!).
*3. Go on a real honeymoon with my Baby.
*4. Get Kenny and I through all of our schooling.
*5. Open up a non-profit dance studio for kids.

5 Bad Habits...
*1. Counting my steps
*2. Getting easily distracted...hmmm, blogging would be one of those, thanks sis.

*3. Chewing on my lip when I am nervous.

*4. Not thinking I am good enough
*5. Not letting people help me.

5 Things I would never wear again...
*1. Colored socks folded over so you can see all three pairs.
*2. The pants that come up to your rib cage.
*3. Pig tails and side ponytails...unless it was for a killer costume.

*4. Bangs that are sprayed as high as Jen's finger with the icky hairspray
*5. Big scrunchies

5 Favorite Toys...
*1. Scrapbooking stuff
*2. My latin dance sandals...all of my dance shoes
*3. Photoshop and InDesign
5. My sisters!

Now that I have been tagged by Jenni Russell,
Nate and Alyson,
Linda...any Sharp (o:,

>> FYI <<

If you would like to watch our "sweet" video scroll down to the bottom of this page, and turn off the sound for the music player. To turn off sound click on the sound button on the upper right-hand corner of the music player.
Then click play and sit back and enjoy!!

So check us out...

My sister Jenni made this fun video for Kenny and I with her "mad skills," okay she was just bored! But hope you enjoy it I love it!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here goes nothing...

This one's for you Jen!
Hope you all enjoy the chaos that will be life on this blog (o: