Friday, September 26, 2008


Kenny and his quartet, Hangtime, are in Colorado Springs this weekend to compete for the top spot. The boys have put in so much hard work and are so excited. (They were like little boys going on their first overnighter for scouts (o: ) As far as I've heard, they are doing great and perform today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, all of their wives and kids are missing them lots...specially this one. I have very few moments of sleeping all by myself in my background because I grew up with a sister for a best friend and we were inseparable and then moved to a sweet Prince who loves to cuddle. Despite the tears and pouts, I made it through the first night ( Yeah me!) Thanks to sweet texts goodnight from my Prince and cuddling up with the teddy bear he gave to me when he proposed, I slept pretty good. Kenny of course sleeps just fine without me, although he did tell me this morning it missed my cuddles last night. I must say, I have a real sweetheart who I am not so sure I deserve but he reassures me that I am exactly what he wanted. **Nora seems to be missing him too. She's not to active since he left except for when he talked to us before we went to bed and this morning when he called us. Daddy's little girl already.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am now 7 months into the pregnancy and am loving it!! True, I do complain that I look like a whale most of the time but my Kenny reassures me that I am as beautiful as ever. He loves to lay on my belly and tell Nora how much her Daddy loves her. He also likes to sing to her...what a shocker, I know. His quartet always sings "No, No, Nora" when we say her name. She sure loves music though. She will be still the whole rehearsal for Hangtime until she hears her Daddy's hanger. The minute he sings his high note she begins to flutter like crazy! The other day in the car while listening to the radio, I noticed that she was kicking to beat of the song. I guess the off-beat because she would tap my ribs with her feet right after the beat!! Maybe I'll get my tiny dancer after all. Oh, ps~ my Kenny made me make a bunch of funny faces for the pictures (o: He is such a ham!

New Baby Pics

Here's our little sweetheart at 7 months. She is getting little chubby cheeks and looks a little more like her Daddy and me. Other stuff you can't see in the picture...she has really long legs that take up the whole sonogram screen and she loves to tap her toes on Mommy's ribs before she falls asleep. (o: