Friday, December 12, 2008

She's a little late...

For all of those wondering...Nora is still sleeping inside Mommy. We think she is waiting for us to finish our finals so that she can have all of our attention (o:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost There!

Today we took time to make memories for Nora...

Mommy loves to hold you, and feel your little feet...

Sometimes she gets tired though…     And acts a little bit silly…

 Through it all, these nine months have been crazy, sleepy, and absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

***My prince was giggling at us because it looks like I stuffed a tupperware up my shirt. (o:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some of My Favorite Things

Like everyone else, NieNie and her sweet blog has been inspiring me to try and be a better wife and adding to my list of things a good mom does (most come from you Mom :o) My Prince has pointed out that after reading Nie's blog, I am more optimistic and cheerful. I would like to apologize to my sweetheart for my occasional is usually because of my growing belly. Anyways, I am going to use our blog as he suggested, as my personal outlet, a journal of sorts.

~My Favorite Things~
***This week anyways (o:
1. Watching the leaves fall off the trees, especially when they land on my head like this morning.
2. Hearing my Jordy's voice in the background when I call home.
3. The puffy sheep on our way to the Dr.'s office...who has sheep?!
4. Prince's giggle at me when I am being silly.
5. Sweet wake-up kisses when Spook (that's what we call Nora) and I are napping.
And finally...
Watching the Prince cut his hair (o:

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Meme

My sister in law has tagged me with a meme. It sounded like fun so. The deal is that I have to post the fourth picture from my fourth folder. I did not expect this picture to be the one. *Tear. This is my brother in law Kip with his son Brody just shortly after they came home from the hospital. Kip is such a wonderful daddy! When I go home, I love to watch him with Brody, they are the best of friends. He also takes such good care of my sister/best friend. I remember wishing I could find a guy like that while standing in the reception line at their wedding my senior year. Well, I found mine and he is gets to show his wonderful daddy loves soon.

Thank you Jen for finding such a wonderful addition to the family. Thank you Kip for showing me a good example of what a husband and father should be. And of course, loves to the second man in my life BROD-MAN!!!

I now pass this meme tag on to Jen, Jessica Sharp and Deanna.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Changes...just fun new things

First of all, I have to brag about My Prince. His quartet placed 4th overall and 1st in their division. His chorus, The Saltaires, placed second overall. At the moment he was kind of bummed out because the scoring for all groups was a lot lower than expected. He's happy about it now though, it is, after all, a great accomplishment for a group that has been together for only a few months. As for me, I made through the weekend without my Protector and Cuddler. I have always been a girl who loves her blankie. Although it definitely helped me out when My Prince was gone, I definitely prefer him to be my Blankie. It's funny how the minute your constant leaves the bed you find yourself in a new place that doesn't feel much like home anymore. I am head-over-heels every day I wake up now that he is home.
Secondly...well, actually everything else that has been going on. I am now 8 months along and Little Nora has discovered the pirouette. Ouch! My Prince and I are at the halfway point in the semester...feels like we just started! He is learning the clarinet for a class and is excited to move to his next assignment-the strings. He really wants bass or cello. Also, on the Hangtime front, things are changing. After realizing that they get really excited to perform again after every acappella concert, the boys have decided to focus solely on their accappella songs. There is definitely more opportunities in that area so as a whole, they are like little kids at Christmas time. (o:

Hope all is going well everywhere else!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Kenny and his quartet, Hangtime, are in Colorado Springs this weekend to compete for the top spot. The boys have put in so much hard work and are so excited. (They were like little boys going on their first overnighter for scouts (o: ) As far as I've heard, they are doing great and perform today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, all of their wives and kids are missing them lots...specially this one. I have very few moments of sleeping all by myself in my background because I grew up with a sister for a best friend and we were inseparable and then moved to a sweet Prince who loves to cuddle. Despite the tears and pouts, I made it through the first night ( Yeah me!) Thanks to sweet texts goodnight from my Prince and cuddling up with the teddy bear he gave to me when he proposed, I slept pretty good. Kenny of course sleeps just fine without me, although he did tell me this morning it missed my cuddles last night. I must say, I have a real sweetheart who I am not so sure I deserve but he reassures me that I am exactly what he wanted. **Nora seems to be missing him too. She's not to active since he left except for when he talked to us before we went to bed and this morning when he called us. Daddy's little girl already.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am now 7 months into the pregnancy and am loving it!! True, I do complain that I look like a whale most of the time but my Kenny reassures me that I am as beautiful as ever. He loves to lay on my belly and tell Nora how much her Daddy loves her. He also likes to sing to her...what a shocker, I know. His quartet always sings "No, No, Nora" when we say her name. She sure loves music though. She will be still the whole rehearsal for Hangtime until she hears her Daddy's hanger. The minute he sings his high note she begins to flutter like crazy! The other day in the car while listening to the radio, I noticed that she was kicking to beat of the song. I guess the off-beat because she would tap my ribs with her feet right after the beat!! Maybe I'll get my tiny dancer after all. Oh, ps~ my Kenny made me make a bunch of funny faces for the pictures (o: He is such a ham!

New Baby Pics

Here's our little sweetheart at 7 months. She is getting little chubby cheeks and looks a little more like her Daddy and me. Other stuff you can't see in the picture...she has really long legs that take up the whole sonogram screen and she loves to tap her toes on Mommy's ribs before she falls asleep. (o:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Little Nora

This is our sweet little Nora for everyone who keeps asking. One is her face the other is her profile with her little hand by her face. LUVS!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Extravaganza Cont.

We are finally out of our tiny place under the mortuary and in a much a larger basement apartment that has me wondering where on earth we fit all of our stuff into our old place. Our place is still filled with boxes (most of them empty and needing Kenny's love to break them down) and suitcases filled with stuff. Although it is very chaotic and not like me at all to have lived three days with stuff all over the floor and not being able to even out my curtains (they are currently pulled to far to the left) it has been so nice to be in a place where there is a hallway that is not our living room!

Baby Nora is making it very hard to unpack like her mommy wants to. Oh! A little catch up...we are having a little girl, Nora Lynnlee, on December 9th, although daddy thinks his girl will be here earlier. Anyways, the Doc wasn't kidding when he said to take it easy. I lift one box and my sweetheart inside me tightens up so bad that I am pretty much out of commission the next day. Kenny is being such a sweet husband about it all though. Last night he came home to me being very tired and striving to be super wifey, all the while playing it off that I was fine. He got pretty dad-like on me and asked me to grab my teddy bear and blanket, put in a movie and just relax for the rest of the night. I kinda did what he wanted...I got on top of our finances on the computer and started working on a big project Mom C and I are working on.

For all of those who asked... here is the "bump:" (Caution-I swear the bump is giant in person!) The Doc says that Nora is growing perfectly on schedule and that her mommy hasn't gained anything but that it is okay despite what the nutritionist said (o:

Finally...back to the family visits in July. I already updated most of the Christiansen going-ons except for the part where Mom and I took off with Jordy to Idaho to see Aunt Lindy and Uncle Bruce. Here is the most adorable picture ever of a little cowgirl who refuses to give up her hat and boots at bedtime.

We hung out with the Wiser's up at Vivian Park just past Bridal Veil Falls in the canyon. Kenny and I love this park but it is so much more fun when the Geek Squad is present. We had an amazing picnic, skipped rocks, wadded up a canal thingy, Kenny cut his foot a little, took family pictures in a tree, laughed at Paul and Kenny being Raptors and then laughed at all of the people fishing for "children under twelve or handicapped." It was such a fun day. I don't think I stopped smiling once. Here is my fave pic of the day.
So now that all is quiet on the home front we will keep a better continual update so that next time won't be so long and filled with pictures.
How about one more slide show of the parade, goofy faces, etc.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just a Little Summer Break!!

The Christiansen Clan and the Wiser Crew came to visit last week. YEAH!! It was so nice to catch back up with our families. Kenny and I were both like little kids who missed their mommies (o: It was a much needed break for us though. We got to spend the fourth of July with my sisters and my brother and sister-in-law. Their little baby Lexi was so stinking cute!! Her toes were painted and she was in this cute little outfit that Grandma got her for her Daddy's birthday. It was so nice to be around my brother and Deanna again. I have been missing that big brother influence in my life. Kenny and I kidnapped Lexi one morning when she was awake and the whole house was sleeping so we got to really play with her. Kenny is so sweet to watch around her. He says he wants a boy but he would be the perfect daddy for a little girl (o: Jordyn was a breathe of fresh air to our summer "off." She is just so sweet and full of energy. She runs as fast as she talks! Jordy told me that she liked our house because it reminded her of the temple. *tear* She is so amazing. Jani is with us now after a long week in Idaho. She has grown up so much since we were last home. She is really becoming in tune with horses and with animals. She told me that she wants to be a physical therapist for horses or a veternarian that works with them. She has been a welcome spirit into our little home these past few days. She has reminded us how important it is to get out and have fun on the swings in the rain and run around on the grass and just play again. I will add more about our day filled with the Wisers and pictures in a couple of days because we are off to pick up Kirby from SLC. Well, much love from the Wiser Sleep n' Eat (I have decided we are a bed and breakfast now (o: )

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

So, Jamie and I finished finals last week and decided that we needed our own Spring Break since BYU doesn't give us one. We're home right now, babysitting Jamie's little sisters while her mom is at Women's Conference having her own well deserved break.

Babysitting the girls has turned out to be more than we had bargained for, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The littlest sister is only 3 years old, and cute as a button.....until she misses her nap! haha, but even so, things are going great and it feels awesome to be back in AZ. The heat, the sun, the skies. Anything to beat Utah's reluctance to give us a break from it's cold and snowy weather!

Other than babysitting, Jamie's been starting to feel some morning sickness now and then, and wishes she could keep on dancing. She's applying for a job working at the costume shop for a dance studio in Orem so she can still get her dancing fix through the pregnancy.

Between working 2 jobs and taking care of J, I've been singing tenor with a few buddies in our new quartet, Hangtime!!! We're loving it, and working on some really great barbershop and a cappella numbers for a show at the end of May. I think Jamie's getting kinda tired of hearing me practice my really high notes, so I have to wait 'til she's in one of her "barbershop moods".

Anyway, things are going good and we're looking forward to a great summer. Hopefully we'll be able to keep updating this more often come August when we move into our new apartment in Orem. Hooray for internet! (It's hard to be a student without internet access these days.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!

In case everyone thought that life was moving too fast...


Just thought everyone should know that baby Wiser is on the way around December-ish (o:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Married life at the very single BYU

For all of those who are wondering what the heck happened to Jamie and Kenny after the wedding...

Kenny and I are now living in Pleasant Grove, UT where we live under a mortuary. Creepy? Sometimes. Our apartment is very cute and home-y though. We are both taking classes at the Y where I will be graduating in Humanities-English and an English Minor next year. Kenny has been accepted into the Music Ed. Program!!! He has been trying since his freshman year and refused to change his mind to a different major (Way to go Hun!).

Other than all that...hmm. Kenny is working at the local Wendy's down the street and can't wait to find a new place to work when we get out of our contract at our apartment. I am working upstairs at the mortuary cleaning the bathrooms and chapel. I know what you are thinking...and yes, we have seen the "residents," no they are not very talkative (thanks Gramps), and we do have stories (o:

Our new favorite thing to do is race each other at the daily Sudokus in the school newspaper. We also love to watch movies and American Idol...Go David A! Of course, like all newlyweds, we also can't wait to get home so that we can just cuddle and hold each other...awww!

Tada! So that is life on this freezing end of the pond ( we are excited for frisbee weather soon(o:).