Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Little Nora

This is our sweet little Nora for everyone who keeps asking. One is her face the other is her profile with her little hand by her face. LUVS!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Extravaganza Cont.

We are finally out of our tiny place under the mortuary and in a much a larger basement apartment that has me wondering where on earth we fit all of our stuff into our old place. Our place is still filled with boxes (most of them empty and needing Kenny's love to break them down) and suitcases filled with stuff. Although it is very chaotic and not like me at all to have lived three days with stuff all over the floor and not being able to even out my curtains (they are currently pulled to far to the left) it has been so nice to be in a place where there is a hallway that is not our living room!

Baby Nora is making it very hard to unpack like her mommy wants to. Oh! A little catch up...we are having a little girl, Nora Lynnlee, on December 9th, although daddy thinks his girl will be here earlier. Anyways, the Doc wasn't kidding when he said to take it easy. I lift one box and my sweetheart inside me tightens up so bad that I am pretty much out of commission the next day. Kenny is being such a sweet husband about it all though. Last night he came home to me being very tired and striving to be super wifey, all the while playing it off that I was fine. He got pretty dad-like on me and asked me to grab my teddy bear and blanket, put in a movie and just relax for the rest of the night. I kinda did what he wanted...I got on top of our finances on the computer and started working on a big project Mom C and I are working on.

For all of those who asked... here is the "bump:" (Caution-I swear the bump is giant in person!) The Doc says that Nora is growing perfectly on schedule and that her mommy hasn't gained anything but that it is okay despite what the nutritionist said (o:

Finally...back to the family visits in July. I already updated most of the Christiansen going-ons except for the part where Mom and I took off with Jordy to Idaho to see Aunt Lindy and Uncle Bruce. Here is the most adorable picture ever of a little cowgirl who refuses to give up her hat and boots at bedtime.

We hung out with the Wiser's up at Vivian Park just past Bridal Veil Falls in the canyon. Kenny and I love this park but it is so much more fun when the Geek Squad is present. We had an amazing picnic, skipped rocks, wadded up a canal thingy, Kenny cut his foot a little, took family pictures in a tree, laughed at Paul and Kenny being Raptors and then laughed at all of the people fishing for "children under twelve or handicapped." It was such a fun day. I don't think I stopped smiling once. Here is my fave pic of the day.
So now that all is quiet on the home front we will keep a better continual update so that next time won't be so long and filled with pictures.
How about one more slide show of the parade, goofy faces, etc.