Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random...Missing My Prince

Anaheim is ringing for the next four days. The Barbershop Internationals are in Cali this year. Hangtime went as a part of the Salt Lake Chorus, The Saltaires. I don't know if they will place since they have decreased in size so much...but my Prince is stoked to meet up with old friends from his Washington Barbershop days. He is loving it. As bummed as I am that Nora and I didn't get to tag along but I am so glad that my Prince gets to experience the love that I have for Cali. One day we will get there...together.

Now...on to my other love...DANCE! So You Think You Can Dance? is amazing this season. The first week had me in tears. All of the dancers this season are phenomenal. I can't wait till cousin Rob gets to look them up on YouTube or audition when he gets home from the mish! (o; Since Nora I haven't gotten to dance much. First I was sad and throwing a little pity party that I was not up there with other BYU kids who auditioned in Salt Lake. That's when I realized that Nora was laying in my lap watching every second of it! Then I remembered how much holding Nora and swaying to music calms her down. My baby is a is through her that I get to dance and she lets me dance with her all of the time. She is one of my favorite dance partners (o: