Friday, March 14, 2008

Married life at the very single BYU

For all of those who are wondering what the heck happened to Jamie and Kenny after the wedding...

Kenny and I are now living in Pleasant Grove, UT where we live under a mortuary. Creepy? Sometimes. Our apartment is very cute and home-y though. We are both taking classes at the Y where I will be graduating in Humanities-English and an English Minor next year. Kenny has been accepted into the Music Ed. Program!!! He has been trying since his freshman year and refused to change his mind to a different major (Way to go Hun!).

Other than all that...hmm. Kenny is working at the local Wendy's down the street and can't wait to find a new place to work when we get out of our contract at our apartment. I am working upstairs at the mortuary cleaning the bathrooms and chapel. I know what you are thinking...and yes, we have seen the "residents," no they are not very talkative (thanks Gramps), and we do have stories (o:

Our new favorite thing to do is race each other at the daily Sudokus in the school newspaper. We also love to watch movies and American Idol...Go David A! Of course, like all newlyweds, we also can't wait to get home so that we can just cuddle and hold each other...awww!

Tada! So that is life on this freezing end of the pond ( we are excited for frisbee weather soon(o:).