Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crazy Fall

Life is back in full swing...actually I am pretty sure it hasn't slowed down since we got back from Mexico in April.

Kenny is back in classes...Senior year! Woo-hoo! He is trying to balance school, work, family, and barbershop (He is doing a pretty good job too!) His quartet, The Elements, is gearing up to compete in the District competition in Layton this upcoming weekend. I know he is going to great. It has always been a dream of his to be in a gold medal quartet, so I will be his cheerleader with the video recorder this weekend :o)

Nora Bug is growing so I am sure all moms can attest too. She is learning so many new words: rock, quiet, stop it, kitty, hi-ya, bite, walk, park, go, book, puppy, please, movie, binky, Hop on Pop, food, milk, eat, meow, piggy, hippo, panda, bock-bock (for chicken), horsey... just to name a few. Oh...on the note of "hi-ya" and "panda," one of her favorite movies is Kung Fu Panda, so her vocab is a bit iffy including attempts at "Dragon Scroll." Nora loves a lot of things but her number one is movies and books are a close second; even doing both at times :o) She is getting the potty training down and gets so excited when she doesn't "poo-poo" in her panties!

I am just working, drawing, wife-ing, incubating...the usual :o) Turns out making a baby makes you either really tired or really emotional when customers get upset at you! Work is going great though. I am still at and have worked my way up to Supervisor. I have finally hit my year mark, which means I get a paid-day saved up every month! As for Cameron, he is growing and starting to play with my rib cage. Just like Nora did, he thinks it's funny to use my ribs as guitar strings. He strums away and taps his foot...ALL DAY LONG. are some pictures for fun :o)

Graduation in April

Nora being Nora in Mommy's socks

Soaking up the sun and enjoying relaxation time in Mazatlan, Mexico

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guess what? We're alive!

Believe it or not, the Wisers are still alive and well! The blur that has occurred since the last posting:

Promotion for me
Kenny's new job at Red Robin
My birthday
Valentine's Day- and all the barbershop that goes with it
Easter and conference- Kenny sang in Priesthood session
Cruise for graduation and belated honeymoon
Jenni visited with Ky-Ky and Brodman
Pregnant with number 2
Rudd Family Reunion
Kenny started spring semester
Deanna visited with Lexi and Hayley
Josh and Deanna visited with the girls
Fourth of July
Wiser family visits on their way to and from Washington

Sprinkle in Concert Choir concerts
a few pairs of shoes that I drew
you've got yourself a full menu!

So, life truly has been absolutely crazy in the Wiser house for the past 6 months...and seriously lacking in picture posting. No, I will not make up for all 6 months in a mass posting of pictures (o: I will be posting pictures from random events of the past 6 months every few be sure to check back often. Giggle.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting used to the Change Game

Well, we have officially moved to Riverton.

Things are fairly organized, except for the basement (o:
Nora is loving being around Grandma and her aunts,
Which is such a joy to see
After being away from them for so long.

... other great news ...

My diploma is set to arrive on Wednesday!
I am done with school, a graduate of BYU,
And I am loving my job
But also itching to dance!

Hopefully now that we are in Riverton
I can check out the dance studio down the street.
I am missing it so bad!
Nora loves to dance with her mommy though,
So that makes things a whole lot sweeter.